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Download the new 2016 DONATION BOARD for the new foyer.  PLEASE CHECK FOR ERRORS AND LET KAI LUEY KNOW.

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Auckland Chinese Community Centre Inc.
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(uploaded 2 December 2016)

2016 DONATION BOARD (Final Version

ACCC Building Report Updated 20 November 2016


New Lounge Area.... Photo Taken 23 November 2016

Dear All

Thank you all once again for your generous support for the Mangere hall
extension project and showing a wonderful community spirit by getting fully
behind the Committee in our fundraising programme. This email is being sent
to all the new Enduring Members including those nominated by parents and/or
grandparents. I apologise for any double postings.

If you come to help, donate goods or buy items at the Garage Sale this
Saturday, 26 November from 8am to 1pm, you can see the building construction
now in the final phases.

The main contract is now scheduled to be completed by Christmas. Thereafter,
we will then need to complete extensive finishing work such as the kitchen
refurbishment, deck outside the members lounge, completion of the roof
replacement which was delayed because of the need to re-locate the Spark and
2 Degrees antennas, interior painting and floor re-varnishing in the main
hall, carpark refurbishment and general landscaping and cleanup.

We are planning to get all this work completed and the whole complex looking
ship shape for the Official Opening of the extended premises on Saturday, 11
March 2017. Please put this date in your diary.

I am attaching again for your information, the conceptual diagram for the
New Donors Board and now the final Community Donors Listing for this board.
If you prefer to have your donation listed as anonymous, please advise asap.
However, the concept of the donors board is to have a permanent
acknowledgement of the donors' support for ACCC similar to the board showing
the Original Donors in the 1070's. Both modern backlit boards will be on the
right side wall of the new main entry for all visitors to see.

Please check the spelling and whether you want any amendments to your names
for the listing.

The Executive Committee has agreed that there will be a strict protocol for
this Community Donors list as follows :-

1. The listing order is in accordance with the amount donated
2. The male spouse / partner is shown first, and the order is sorted by
his surname, then his first name
3. There are no titles or honours to be included with the community

Donors of $5,000 or more have the option to be listed in a large box (with
logo if appropriate) in the Major Donors section as shown but will also now

Auckland Chinese Commercial Growers Association $5,000
Ron & Yoland Hoy Fong      $5,000
Dr Tony Lowe & Jenny Miller  $5,000

Please advise by email before 26 November if you wish to make any
corrections to your listing, as I need to get the final details to the board
designer asap. The next task after this, is to arrange the inscribing in
white if the names of the new Enduring Members.

Thanks & Best Regards
Kai Luey
Auckland Chinese Community Centre Inc.
Phone:  09 522 1840
Mobile: 021 333 125

NEW 2016 DONATION BOARD (Final Version)

Donations for the Renovations has been Outstanding. Donate Now and have your Name Inscribed on a Brick

Those that have donated earlier will have their names inscribed on a donation board.



Honour Board Original Donors

NEW 2016 DONATION BOARD (Final Version)

Donations Received or Pending

Personal Donations Received as at 1st December 2016

  • Barry & King Ming Wah Lee$1,000
  • Tony & Katherine Chew$1,000
  • Kai & Rose Luey (increased)$3,000
  • Roger & Brenda Chan$2,000
  • Merry & Vincent Tay$1,500
  • Andrew & Wah Ying Chong$1,000
  • Tina & William Cole$1,000
  • Vanessa Lim - Hamm$500
  • Len & Joana Sang$2,500
  • Seng Tay$250
  • Chung Hu Tang$300
  • Philip & Virginia Chong$1,000
  • Patrick & Colleen Edwards$1,000
  • Keith Wong & Cathrine Ming$1,500
  • Lynn & Jan Lum$1,000
  • Danny Law & Candy Lim (Increased)$2,000
  • Milton Wong$500
  • Peter & Janice Sew Hoy$1,000
  • Cecil & Nancy Wong$1,000
  • Sue & Lorna Hing$1,000
  • Percy Kaifong$1,000
  • Carolyn Luey & David Aitkenhead$2,000
  • Brian & Gillian Young$2,000
  • Ah Choon & Rosemary Tan$1,000
  • Barbara Ng$500
  • Jenny & Jerry Kek$1,000
  • Kong Chew & Eileen Loo$1,000
  • Thomas & Winnie Doo$10,000
  • Thomas & Donna Gee$200
  • Kevin & Gloria Lee$1,000
  • Eileen Ming$1,500
  • Ken & May Young$1,500
  • Nathan Chan$200
  • John & Connie Kum$1,500
  • Norman Youmin Ng$500
  • William & Anna Bow$1,000
  • Wong Yee & Mary Chan$1,000
  • Neville & Sue Fong$5,000
  • Molly Ah Chee$1,000
  • Geoffrey & Barbara Lim$1,500
  • Phillip Young & Raewyn Ho$1,000
  • Gordon & Yuk Lin Fong$2,000
  • Rodney & Sandra Chin$2,000
  • James & Annie Wong$1,000
  • Jilnaught & Julie Wong$1,000
  • David & Ida Tai$2,000
  • Allan & Nancy Sue$1,000
  • Ronald & Lili Peng Chen$1,000
  • Peter & Michelle Pan$1,500
  • Leslie & Yvonne Young$1,000
  • Joe & Fay Gock$1,000
  • Alec, Helen & Jenna Young$1,500
  • David & Marie Wong$1,500
  • Meilin & Jack Chong (increased)$4,000
  • Peter & Audrey Chan$1,000
  • Anthony & Maria Lum$500
  • Donald & Jennie Sew Hoy$5,000
  • Tony & Jennifer Joe$1,000
  • Bo Li & Susan Sun$1,000
  • Elsie Alice Ah Chee / Susan Wong$500
  • Doug & Lola Lum$1,000
  • Shirley Sidnam$1,000
  • Kevin & Margaret Lee$1,000
  • Colleen Tang$500
  • Bruno & Mary Gin$1,000
  • Anthony & Frances Bow$1,000
  • Lawrence & Linda Ngan$1,000
  • Tony & Mary Wong$1,000
  • Gordon & Helen Lowe$8,000
  • Peter Hong$500
  • Julie Gin$500
  • Charles & Mona Poon$1,000
  • Alex & Judy Cheung$1,000
  • Stan King$500
  • Thomas & Fong Loo$1,000
  • Stephen & Michelle Loo$1,000
  • Jennifer Loo & Leslie Tai$1,000
  • Colin & Daphne Hoy Fong$1,500
  • Lily Cho$500
  • Andrew Cho$500
  • Justin & Robyn Ng$1,500
  • George & Shirley Sue (ex Levin)$500
  • Allan & Christine Ding$1,000
  • Anthony Hoy Fong$500
  • Wong Liu Shueng$1,000
  • Brian & Rona Pat$1,000
  • Jack Lin$200
  • David & Anna Fevre$1,000
  • Raymond & Sheryl Wu$1,000
  • Des & Kathleen Lowe$50
  • Jack & Suzanne Wong$1,000
  • Annette Cho$500
  • Colin & Louise Chin$1,500
  • Phillip & Lucinda Yan$1,000
  • Allen & Annie Fong$2,000
  • Graham, Sandra, Paige & Brittany Young$2,000
  • Arthur & Jennie Loo$1,000
  • Vernon & Nancy Fraser (Gin)$1,500
  • Justin & Joyce Sew Hoy$1,000
  • Laurence & Yvonne Wong$1,000
  • Andre & Jennifer Ginn$500
  • Colin Tan Chen$500
  • Allen & Nancy Doo$1,000
  • Billy & Evey Chong$2,000
  • Linda Mach$500
  • Ron Sang & Margaret Parker$1,000
  • David Yan$1,000
  • Graham & Janet Hong$1,000
  • Mervyn & Alice Ah Chan$1,000
  • Allen & Christine Liang$10,000
  • Sang Gin Fraser Family$1,000
  • Peter & Sabrina Chen Ruoff$1,000
  • Bernie & Glenda Choy$1,000
  • Suzanne Chan On$500
  • Anonymous$500
  • Rollan Ming Gin$500
  • Tony Wong & Jenny Joe$1,000
  • Harry & Win Kaifong Family$5,000
  • Johnston & Fong Luen$1,000
  • Bon & Ehlin Young$1,000
  • Leong & Jennifer Wong$1,000
  • Jesse Kum Edmonds$1,000
  • Roy & Anne Young$1,500
  • Arie van der Houwen & Vivienne Fraser (Gin)$500
  • George & Cindy Lowe$500
  • Ryan & Belinda Young$500
  • Jeffrey Allan & Andrea Fraser (Gin)$1,000
  • Darryl Hong & Rachel Cheung$2,000
  • Peng Chan Lee Family$2,000
  • Lawrence & Cecilia Lo$5,000
  • Ming & Manying Ip$1,000
  • Robert & May Mar$1,000
  • John Ling & Angelo Luo$2,000
  • Harry & Shirley Young$1,000
  • Raymond & Vanessa Joe$1,000
  • Shane Hoy Fong$500
  • Ken & Jennifer Young$1,000
  • Sun & Soong Chau$1,000
  • Steven & Susan Yee$1,000
  • Sherman & Dolly Lowe$1,000
  • Phillip & Sharon Yee$1,000
  • Henry & Mary Chanwai$1,500
  • Dilton & Stephanie Fong$2,000
  • Robert & Robyn Chinn$1,000
  • Janice Choy$500
  • Andrew Lowe & Lynette Hing$1,000
  • Daisy Leung$200
  • John Lai$100
  • Maurice & Rose Chan$1,000
  • John & Sue Cheung$1,000
  • Stephen Lee & Sharon Wong$1,000
  • Andrea D Wong$500
  • Siu Yuat Wong$500
  • Joseph & Jeanne Yee$1,000
  • Paul & Nancy Joe$1,000
  • Chas & Lan Luen$1,000
  • Jason & Jennifer Chong$1,500
  • David & Jan Lim$1,000
  • David Luk & Tina Tsui$1,000
  • Bronwyn Lowe$100
  • Peter & Selina Lim$500
  • Koreen Liew-Young$50
  • Stephen Law & Iva Wong$1,500
  • Tony & Michelle Wai$1,000
  • Yan & Christine Chan$1,000
  • Gordon & Fong Doo$1,000
  • Chris & Janet Wong$1,000
  • Susan Young$500
  • Danny & Belinda Seto$1,000
  • Lawrence Liew$500
  • Anne & Selwyn Wong Doo$500
  • Peter & Christine Lee$1,000
  • Glen Chanwai & Alice Joe$1,000
  • Darryl Sang & Mei Ling Lee$1,000
  • Kelly Lowe$500
  • Welly & Marion Choy$500
  • Ken & Meiling Gan$1,000
  • Sam & Janet Kum$1,000
  • Paul Hayter & Juanita Kum$1,000
  • Funghai Linda Yan$1,000
  • Ron & Yoland Hoy Fong$5,000
  • Helen Chung$500
  • Allister Murray Young$500
  • Stephen & Susan Lowe$1,500
  • Howe & Mei Young$500
  • Eric Haslam & Sarah Ho$500
  • Tony Lowe & Jenny Miller$5,000
  • Bing & Florence Hing$1,000
  • William & Pearl Cheung$1,000
  • Steven & Paula Yan$1,000
  • William & Loretta Wong (Wellington)$1,000
  • Janet Joe$1,000
  • Sew Moy Wing$500
  • Mei Ying Chung$500
  • Martin & Angela Ho$1,000
  • Jim Joe Low$500
  • Kevin & Sandra Lim$1,000
  • Martin & Audrey Young$1,000
  • Ron & Ivy Doo$1,000
  • Seng Kee & Mimi Lee$100
  • Derek & Ruth Youmans$200
  • Yuanyong Yang$500
  • Harvey & Barbara Wu (Wellington)$1,000
  • Jamie Lowe$500
  • Maggie Bing$500

Total for Personal Donations $251,450

Organisation Donations Received as at 1st December 2016

  • Auckland Chinese Ballroom Dance Group$3,000
  • NZCA Auckland Inc$20,000
  • NZ Hup Jong Mune Wushu Cultural Assn$1,500
  • J & P Turner Ltd$2,500
  • ACCC Sports Club$5,000
  • Anonymous$258,000
  • Kwong Cheu Club Inc$1,000
  • Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association Inc$5,000
  • Auck. Chinese Commercial Growers Assoc.$5,000
  • Waitakere Architects Ltd$1,000
  • Wilkran Construction (2014) Ltd$1,000

Total for Organisation Donations $303,000

Total funds from All Sources as at 1st December 2016 $554,450

Many thanks to all these donors for generously supporting our project.

Download Donation Form

Download Floor Plan of Hall Upgrade

Mangere Project and Fundraising. Updated on 28 September 2016

Dear All

Please find attached the final design of the Original Major Donors 1970s lightbox and the latest updated donation list. Download Donation Form

We have hit $400,000 in total funds raised but we must really aim to get this up to a minimum of $450,000 by the final deadline of 31 October 2016 so that the new donors lightbox can be designed. My thoughts at this stage is to have donations of $100 & more but this will be subject to review when we know the numbers of donors and this could be reduced to $50+. However, all donors will be listed in a special book on display in the members lounge.

We need the extra funds for many reasons as follows :-

1.  The quotation for the roof replacement was much higher than expected and Spark & Two Degrees are refusing to pay the cost of the temporary re location of the antennas and the installation in the final positions. The architect is investigating the cost of running the cable trays inside the hall as the optimal minimum cost to ACCC. In the meantime, we have taken the roof replacement out of the main contract with Wilkran so that building progress is not delayed any further.

2.  Wilkran have already officially advised the building progress is running at 5 weeks behind schedule and will make some claim for this. However, we are pushing hard to get full access to the main hall and store room a week before the garage Sale scheduled for 26 November.

3.  The cost for the front entry ground work, landscaping and carpark reinstatement is unknown at this stage plus various other extra costs before the grand opening tentatively planned for February 2017.

4.  The letting of the 1st floor offices at 101 Mt Eden Road will not be a fast process, and I have another agent, Douglas Fan, onto this. I have asked OwenYoung  to proceed as quickly as possible with the entry renovations as this will make it more attractive for an office tenant.

5.  ACCC really needs to build up its cash reserves again for any unexpected items as the owner of two properties.

With regard to the fundraising programme, I have sent out emails asking for donations to nearly 300 persons and organisations giving the 31 October deadline to Chinese associations, past ACCC Committee members, ACCCSC members & parents and to friends & colleagues. In addition, Cecil has send out the email below and John has sent to NZCA Auckland members.

Now is the time for all ACCC Committee members to personally ask their family and friends to donate for the long term benefit of the Chinese community and to have their names permanently featured in the entry foyer of the extended premises. All will be fully aware of the extension project and fundraising through newsletters and various emails. ACCC has not asked for financial contributions for  the last 40 years, and will not do so again in the foreseeable future.

Thanks & Best Regards

Kai Luey


Auckland Chinese Community Centre Inc.

Phone:  09 522 1840

Mobile: 021 333 125



Download Honours Board of Original Donors PDF

ACCC Building Project Report - 21 September 2016

As you are aware, ACCC has been actively fundraising for the Mangere Hall Extension Project. The contract with Wilkran Construction (2014) Ltd for a total project cost of $1,050,000 + GST including Auckland Council, architect & other fees started in mid April and the scheduled completion date is now in late November 2016.

The project involved the construction of new lounge and meeting rooms, upgraded toilet & shower facilities, upgraded kitchen and extensive new storage facilities. When completed, the Mangere Hall complex with be an excellent and flexible facility for sports, dances, socials and meetings not only for our members but also for other Chinese and mainstream groups.

The original Mangere Hall was built in 1975 with tremendous financial support from many many members of the local Chinese community and various Chinese groups and supporting organisation which existed at that time. These donations are permanently recognised with special plaques and enscribed bricks which are being specifically retained in the renovated premises, although the plaques are being converted to a modern backlit board for the "Original Major Donors" as per the attached conceptual diagram.

As shown, a second modern backlit board will also be displayed in the entry foyer for the new donors to the current extensions.

This is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your ongoing support for ACCC by making a donation which will be permanently featured in the main entrance. In addition, for every $500 donation you can nominate yourself or any of your family to have Enduring Membership and a brick with the name enscribed in white to distinguish from the original donors in the 1970's. Many existing Enduring Members have made donations to purchase bricks and Enduring Memberships for their children and / or grandchildren.

Please note that any donations made to ACCC which is a registered donee organisation by IRD can be claimed for a tax credit of 33.33% by completing an IR526 form.

However, for the donor's name to be listed, the contributions need to be received by 31 October 2016 at the very latest, so that the board can be designed and installed ready for the Official Opening tentatively scheduled for February 2017. Donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged on the donors board.

I am also attaching the latest project update & donation list and the Mangere Donation Form which needs to be completed.

The ACCC Sports Club members are the most frequent users of the Mangere Hall, and the renovations and extensions are designed to make the complex more suitable to cater for a wider range of activities for now and future generations. The great majority of the donors so far have been older members so we are seeking the assistance from the upcoming generations who will be able to enjoy the enhanced facilities for many more years to come.

I trust that you will give favourable consideration to this donation request but if you have any queries or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please accept my apologies for any double postings.

Thanks & Best Regards

Kai Luey
Auckland Chinese Community Centre Inc.
Phone: 09 522 1840
Mobile: 021 333 125

Mangere Project Update 22 September

The contract with Wilkran Construction (2014) Ltd for a total project cost of $1,050,000 + GST including Auckland Council, architect & other fees started in mid April and the scheduled completion date is now in late November 2016.

A fundraising programme was included in the last two ACCC Newsletter. The ACCC 56th Anniversary Dinner held on Saturday, 18 June 2016 raised over $8,000 and $22,000 in pledged donations. Many thanks for Connie Kum for organising this very successful event and all those supporters who donated items for the auction and raffle or participated in these.

Because of the construction restrictions, the biennial Garage Sale will now be held at Mangere on Saturday, 26 November 2016. Again, we need your support and assistance to make this another great fundraiser.

Financial Update excl GST

Total project cost in April 2016 $1,050,000
Estimated cost for stadium roof & insulation 130,000
Estimated cost for Spark & 2 Degrees antenna re-locations 50,000
Estimated cost of kitchen refurbishment 70,000
Estimated cost of donation board & brick engraving 10,000
Estimated cost of re-vanishing stadium floor 10,000
Estimated cost of landscaping & entry refurbishment 40,000
Contingencies 20,000

Total estimated refurbishment costs $1,380,000

Project payments made by 31 August 2016 $564,058
Project payments still required $815,942
ACCC cash reserves in ANZ Bank at 31 August 2016 $774,465

Financial Shortfall $41,477

We are including below a complete list of the funds received for the Mangere development project and we still need more personal donations to bridge our cash shortfall.

Your donation will be permanently featured in the main foyer on a special Donors Board (as per attached proposal). However, for the donor's name to be listed, the contributions need to be received by 31 October 2016 at the very latest, so that the board can be designed and installed ready for the Official Opening tentatively scheduled for February 2017.

We have managed to revise the building extensions plans to retain the brick wall with all the existing donor's names intact and with sufficient blank bricks to accommodate the inscription in a different colour (white) of about 400 new Enduring Member's names.
Therefore , Bricks and Enduring Memberships can be purchased at any time after 31 October 2016 ( in accordance with the Constitution) with a donation of $500 per person, but will not be featured on the donors board.

Download the Donation Form Here. Your donation is most welcomed.

Kai Luey

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