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Winter 2013 Newsletter

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10 July 2013 – Winter 2013 Newsletter


We are now in the middle of winter and there appear to be some very cold days, or is it that I am just getting a little bit older. I am very pleased that the ACCC was one of the organizations involved with the Taniwha & Dragon Festival on April 27. Closer relations between the Maori and Chinese communities are long overdue. After all, there are a lot of similarities in our cultural practices. I hope that we springboard off the experience and that it leads to more events where there is strong participation from both sides.

The ball has now started rolling in relation to the acquisition of 1 New North Road for the City Rail Loop. There will be meetings between the consultants employed by Auckland Transport and ourselves and, hopefully, we will arrive at a good outcome. Knowing how much money we will have available to us will be very useful when we have to look at alternative accommodation for our activities.

I have decided not to put myself forward to contest the election for the chairman's position at the AGM in August. I have been involved with your society for 35 years as secretary, deputy-chairman and, for the last six, as chair. I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those that I have worked with and those who have supported my term as chair.

Warmest best wishes

Arthur Loo


因城市鐵路線而收購New North Road一號建築的程序正式開始。奧克蘭交通局的顧問將和我們商討有關細節,希望得到很好的結果。讓我們知道有多少資金我們便能夠知道該另覓什麼類型的居所配合我們的活動。




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